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Honeypot Skydive 2017(Back to Events)

Are you a thrill seeker? This year’s Honeypot Skydive will be taking place at Old Sarum Airfield in the beautiful town of Salisbury offering fantastic views over the Salisbury Plain, the New Forest and the South coast. Old Sarum Airfield is the 2nd oldest active airfield in the UK dating back to 1916 and many of the buildings that originate from WW1 and WW2 are still in use. Those of you brave enough will be leaving the plane at 10,000ft and will free-fall for over 5,000ft, until the parachute opens and you get to enjoy the amazing scenery as you glide down to the ground. GoSkydive is fully regulated by and affiliated with the British Parachute Association.

Non-refundable deposit – £50.00, Minimum sponsorship – £395.00*. The cost of the jump will be taken from the money that you raise and the remainder will go towards the children we help.

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*While the date can be changed to suit you, your sponsorship target should be reached 3 weeks before the date of your jump.


11th June 2017

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