Our Appeal To You This Summer

Young carers need your support this summer.

Children across the UK will be enjoying their summer holidays from next month. Playing every day, going on outings with their families, and having time and space to relax after term ends. But our children will still be caring for their families.

We can’t let young carers work at home all summer after a long year of trying to juggle their education and caring responsibilities. This is why we offer respite breaks to young carers between the ages of 5 and 12, and with your help, we can give them a real summer holiday to remember. Over the next three months, 25 breaks will take place at our respite homes, supporting over 300 young carers. These breaks can only take place with your support.

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Mia’s story.

Mia is 10 years old. She lives alone with, and cares for her mother. Her mother is paralysed from the waist down. Mia cooks, cleans, buys groceries, helps her mother in and out of her wheelchair…

But Mia is supported by Honeypot. That when she comes on a break to Honeypot House, Mia smiles, laughs, and can play with her friends. That when on a holiday with Honeypot, she loves going skateboarding and swimming. Playing with the house guinea pigs since she can’t have pets of her own. Riding the rollercoaster at the local theme park. Enjoying a cup of hot chocolate before bedtime that she didn’t have to make herself. Without what Honeypot provides, she would not have this chance at childhood.

Our Honeypot children, like Mia, all work so hard to keep their homes together. But there’s no question about the toll caring takes during this age where children still have so much growing to do. You have the power to give young carers a holiday they will cherish, and you can do so in the knowledge that our children will return for holidays every year as well as receiving outreach support in their communities. This will not be a one-off break; this is a programme for seven years of support that will continue giving children as young as 5 breaks and outreach all the way up till the age of 12.

Honeypot guarantees your donation to our summer appeal will not be spent on anything other than providing respite breaks for our children.

Last summer at Honeypot House was a truly magical occasion for the children. We can only do this again with your help.

These holidays can only happen thanks to you












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