Bumble’s 50 Things to Do at Home


Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun! Here are Bumble’s 50 favourite things for you to try at home.  You can do all of them using just the things you find in your house.  Why not give them a go? 

If you’d like to show Bumble and your Honeypot friends what you’ve done, ask your parent or carer to help you send a photo or a scan of your work to bumble@honeypot.org.uk.

Every week we will publish some of our favourites on this website and on our Facebook page so everyone can see what you’ve achieved. We can’t wait to see what you do – GOOD LUCK!

A little note for parents and carers – when sending photos of your children’s creations to bumble@honeypot.org.uk please include in the email your full name, relationship to the child and your agreement for Honeypot to publish the photo online.  Many thanks for your help!

 Make your own board game

Get some cardboard (something simple like an old cereal box can work) and some pens and design your very own board game – you could make your own version of a game you know e.g. cluedo, monopoly or snakes and ladders or invent your own brand new one! Here are some board games our Honeypot visitors made.

Do some colouring

Maybe you can colour some pictures to give to people as gifts or to decorate your bedroom walls.

Do some puzzles

Wordsearches, mazes, crosswords and more…there are lots of puzzles you could do! Click here for a whole load of puzzles. You could also try making puzzles for people in your family to do.

Create a treasure trail

Hide some secret treasure around the house and challenge your family to find it. Try drawing a map with secret codes and symbols on for them to follow.

Write a poem

Whether you are a pro at poetry or you have never tried it before why not give it go? Visit the Poetry for Kids website for some ideas.

Make a card for someone

A handmade card can really cheer someone up so why not make some cards to give to friends and family. Try making a birthday card, an Easter card, a thank you card or just a card to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

Make an envelope for your card

Try following these steps to make your own special envelope for your card. This is a great way to really personalise your card and make it extra special!


Make a den

You can build dens and forts indoors or outdoors – get the whole family involved in creating your special place! There are lots of different materials you can use including blankets, sheets/bedding, cushions and chairs – use your imagination! Gather all your toys/teddies in your den and make it comfy and cosy. (Please ask an adult for permission before using things to make a den!)

Make a scrapbook or memory book

A scrap book is a special book where each page contains memories of something important to you. Think about making pages about the people you love, your favourite places to visit, happy memories, your hobbies or any activities you get up to.

Design an indoor scavenger hunt

Make a list of items that you and your family need to find around the house and see who can find them in the quickest time. (For example, you could look for a blue pencil, a pink hairband, something shiny and something triangular.)



Make a cartoon strip

Bumble the bee is the Honeypot mascot. He buzzes around the countryside making new friends, like the wild ponies that live near Honeypot House! Why not design your own comic featuring Bumble and his adventures?

Have an indoor picnic

Set out a blanket or rug and some cushions on the floor and have a picnic lunch. You could turn it into a teddy bear picnic and bring all your favourite toys to the event. If you have done some baking you could enjoy your homemade treats at your indoor picnic!

Learn a new language

Challenge yourself to start learning a new language – how many words can you learn to say and/or write in a week?!
Check out Gus on the Go and Duolingo for fun ways to learn languages.

Do some baking

We love baking at Honeypot – why don’t you join us and do some baking at home? It’s both fun and delicious! (Remember to always ask for an adult’s help in the kitchen.)

Make a pet rock

Find a nice rock out in the garden or park and keep it as a pet. You can decorate your rock – paints work especially well for this. And you can make a house or bed for your new pet – use your imagination! You could also use them to make a treasure trail – hide them around the house for people to find.

Do your homework

Sometimes you may not like homework but if you get it all done now you won’t have to worry about it later and everyone will be really impressed with your hard work. If you need any help ask an adult or try BBC Bitesize – they have a lot of fun games to help you learn.


Make your own indoor cinema

At Honeypot, movie nights with popcorn and hot chocolate are always a highlight! Pick a movie to watch and create your perfect indoor cinema! Make tickets to give to everyone to come to watch the film and don’t forget to serve snacks.

Write a film review

Pretend to be a film critic and write a review about the movie you watch! Think about your opinions on the storyline, the characters, the special effects and so on.

Take a photo walk

Take a walk inside or outside with a camera or phone. If you take notice or zoom in on things for photos, you may discover lots of interesting patterns or beautiful images you never noticed before.

Practice your favourite sport… or take up a new one

Even if your classes or practices are cancelled you can still work on some of your skills at home. This may also be a great time to try something new – or even invent your own that’s safe to play at home!

Learn to draw something

Step by step drawing guides can be a great way to improve your drawing skills – you may be able to draw things you never thought you could! Try following the tips and instructions on this website.

Do a quiz

Challenge yourself to a quiz and see how much you might learn! Check out these fun quizzes on Kidzworld and the BBC.

Make your own quiz

Research a topic that you find interesting and create a quiz using what you have learnt. Share your quiz with friends and family or send into the Honeypot team and we will see how many points we can score!

Make some puppets and put on a show

You can make puppets in many different ways including using old socks to make sock puppets, cutting out characters from card and sticking to a lollypop stick or hanging from string or just using your soft toys. When you have made your puppets put together a show – try writing a script and practicing before showing it to people. You can even make puppet show tickets and design a stage for your performance.

Write your own story

Put your creative writing skills to the test and write your own story. You might want to write a spin off from your favourite books, create a storybook or bring to life something from your imagination. Check out these great tips to help you.

Learn some origami

Origami is the art of making models through folding paper. It can range from nice easy projects to more complicated challenges. Check out these instructions and have a go!

Make your own ice lollies

There are so many different flavours and variations of ice lollies you can make – here are lots of ideas to give you inspiration. If you don’t have ice lolly moulds don’t worry – there are plenty of ideas on that website that don’t require them.

Design and make your own chocolate bar

Channel your inner Willy Wonka and become a master chocolatier! Think about flavours and design of your chocolate as well as what you will call it.

Start a journal/diary

Writing in a journal or diary is a great way to keep track of your thoughts, record your memories and express your feelings. Find yourself a nice notebook and personalise it to make a special place to write. You can also write a journal on the computer if you prefer. Check out these tips to help.

Make some decorative bunting

Bunting is really easy to make and looks great strung up across your room. Go crazy with cool colours, patterns and shapes! You could also make themed bunting to go with your movie night or style it to match your bedroom. Check out the instructions on this website.


Have an afternoon tea

It is fun to dress up and have a fancy afternoon tea – you can decorate the table/room and create lovely placemats to make it extra special. (Remember to ask an adult to help you with preparing or baking anything in the kitchen.)

Read a book

Use the time to read something new, discover a new author or re-read an old favourite. If you’re dealing with difficult emotions, there are a lot of books out there than can help you to understand them and learn to cope – take a look at our list of books that are aimed at young carers for some good ideas.

Write a book report

Review the book(s) you have read and tell us what was great about them. Your opinions could help other children decide what they should read – we may even share your thoughts and recommendations in our weekly emails or on our Facebook page!

Make pom poms

Use thick cardboard to create a pom pom maker using these instructions and then use different colours of wool to make beautiful creations. There are lots of things you can do with your pom poms afterwards such as making hanging decorations, keyrings or even cute animals.


Create a poster

Design and create a poster which tells other people about a subject you are interested in – this could be something you already know all about or you could research a topic you want to learn more about. We would love to see what you create and hear about what you have learnt so share pictures of your poster with us via our email!

Have a clear out

Go through all your toys and get rid of things you don’t play with any more. Not only does this create more space in your room/house but you can donate your unwanted toys to charity or to younger children, which is really kind.

Make salt dough models

Salt dough sounds like something you can eat, but it’s actually a fun way of making art! It’s really easy to make and you can create hundreds of different models, ornaments and trinkets with it. Here are some instructions.

Make a bird feeder for the garden

Check out instructions here on different ways to make bird feeders. This is great for the local wildlife and you may soon be able to spot many more different species of birds around. See if you can identify the types of birds you spot using this guide.


Make playdough

Playdough can be great fun and it is easy to make as well. You can experiment with different colours or even add glitter to your playdough! You can find instructions here. Make sure you ask for an adult’s help to do this activity.

Play a board game or card game

Get people together and play a board game – make it into a tournament and see who will be victorious! Alternatively grab some cards and play some classic games or learn a new one. Take a look at all the ideas on this website.

Build a race track

Use whatever materials you can find around the house and build a race track or a bridge construction for model cars. Decorate your creation in bright colours to make it extra special.

Make your own pizza

Choose your favourite toppings and create your very own pizzas! Pitta breads or halved bagels are great to use as pizza bases or if you’re feeling brave make your own pizza dough!

Plant something

Plant some seeds or a bulb and watch it grow. Remember to water it! Cress is a great thing to grow as well as other herbs that you can use in cooking, like basil or chives. To make it extra special you could also decorate the plant pots they are growing in.

Have a paper aeroplane competition

Design and make your own paper aeroplanes and have a competition to see whose will fly the furthest! Click here for some instructions on how to make your paper aeroplane look extra cool.

Build a Lego masterpiece

If you have Lego at home challenge yourself to build a masterpiece! Try building a mansion house, a pirate ship, a medieval castle, a majestic dragon or a rocket ship.

Make a bookmark

There is no better way to save your page in your favourite book than with your very own personalised bookmark. These could also make great gifts to give your friends and family – put a smile on their faces with your creative talent!


Write your own bucket list

A bucket list is a list of things you want to achieve or do one day. Often people have a wide range of things on their list which might include adventure activities such as sky diving or scuba diving, achievements such as getting a degree or learning to dive and/or places to visit such as the Eiffel Tower or Australia. Think about what you would love to do and make your own bucket list – include pictures to make it extra special and share your amazing ideas with us at Honeypot!

Toilet roll crafts

There are so many different things you can make with a toilet roll – check out all the ideas on this website and try it for yourself!

Create a playlist

Make a playlist of all your favourite songs and then dance around the house listening to them – not only is this great fun, it’s also good exercise. You can also try looking up the lyrics so you can learn all the words to sing along and making up a dance to go with it.

Make a photo frame or photo album

Collect up or print all your favourite pictures and create somewhere special for them. Use your creativity to decorate the pages of your photo album or to make photo frames you can display around your room or house. Things like this also make great gifts for people you love.





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