Come Dine With Honeypot

Mealtimes at Honeypot are a big highlight for many of our kids. It’s sometimes hard for young carers to find the time for a sit down meal with family, so we make sure everyone has the chance to sit down around the table together. It’s not just about the food: it’s also a great time to check in emotionally, talk about things that matter and reflect on the day together.

So we thought, why not get everyone around the country to do the same and get people talking about young carers?

That’s why we’re inviting you to Come Dine With Honeypot.

It’s pretty simple – just get your friends together for a tasty meal in return for a donation and start a conversation about young carers. There’s no fixed donation amount or date – just whatever works best for you. We’ve got lots of recipe ideas, conversation starters and info about young carers to help you out.

What you’d like your party to be like is totally up to you – here are some of our favourite ideas!

  • A make-your-own pizza party (one of our favourite rainy day activities at Honeypot!)
  • A bring-and-share party, where everyone cooks something small to bring along
  • A picnic in the park with your friends, or in your school grounds
  • A three course dinner party
  • A ‘world banquet’ where you try food from around the world (these are a big hit on our SEAL breaks!)
  • A coffee morning or afternoon tea at your community hall
  • A curry night at your school
  • A DIY waffle bar (we love these at Honeypot House!)


We’ll be here to help out every step of the way with recipes, information and more – click the button below for your free downloadable party pack.


If you’re interested in taking part, simply register below or contact and we’ll send you a party pack with everything you’ll need!