Groups and Clubs

All across the country, groups and clubs are doing fantastic work to raise money for, and awareness of, many charitable causes. We are always honoured when a group or club chose to work with Honeypot.

Community groups contribute a significant amount to our income each year – without the kindness of their members, we would not be able to continue supporting Honeypot children.

If you belong to any club or group, we would love to hear from you – from art clubs and sewing groups to zumba classes and Rotary.  Does your sports club, choir, golf club or church have the opportunity to raise some vital funds for Honeypot? Perhaps on Young Carers Awareness Day, as Charity of the Year or as a one-off event?

We have experience of working with groups right across the community and are able to support you in your chosen event or fundraising activity, with fundraising materials, help and advice.

If you would like to arrange a talk from one of our fundraisers for your group or club, or if you are interested in fundraising for us, please call our Fundraising Office on 0207 602 2631. We would be delighted to hear from you.