Every donation, from every single Trust and Foundation, is a significant one. We receive little government support, and this funding makes a significant contribution to the costs of our first-time and repeat respite break projects, as well as covering capital costs for improvements or repairs to one of our respite homes and supporting our Honeypot Playbus outreach programme.

Our current projects

Trusts are able to support these children by helping fund:

First time respite breaks: Our respite breaks for children who are joining us for the very first time. Many of the activities that take place, even sometimes as simple as riding a bike or going to the beach, will never have been experienced before.

Repeat respite breaks: Honeypot children will take an additional respite break every year till the age of twelve.

Outreach programme: We visit children up to three times a year in their community, providing them with opportunities for play and peer interaction.

Capital appeals: Capital appeals are one-off projects allow us to repair or replace equipment, toys or furnishings at the House.

Your support is always appreciated and very valuable to our staff and the children. All of our grants are acknowledged with a letter of thanks and a report detailing how the money was spent. Thank you for the difference you have made.

We would in particular like to thanks those Trusts that have significantly donated to us over the years, including The Girdler’s Company, The Taylor Family Foundation, the Pom Charitable Trust, CHK Charities Limited, The Mercer’s Company, The Masonic Charitable Foundation and the 29th May Charitable Trust.


You can get in touch with our Trusts Officer, Adele Kaupaityte, at or 020 7602 2631.