The Hive


Welcome to The Hive at Honeypot – our online home for Honeypot children where you’ll find lots of interesting things to do, things to watch and listen to, and also some signposts to extra support if you need it.

*** EXCITING NEWS!! In the next few weeks we will launch a BRAND NEW Hive with lots of fantastic new activities, games and other fun stuff just for you, so please CHECK BACK SOON! ***

In the meantime you’re very welcome to stick around and explore our existing Hive today… please enjoy!


If you do something you’d like to show us, ask your parent or carer to help you send a photo or a scan of your creation to – we’ll always reply and we will show some of your work in The Hive every week.

Things to Do

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Here are all our favourite fun activities you can join in with!

Things to Watch and Listen To

Here are some of our favourite videos and audio books, full of adventure and laughs! We’re going to post lots of new things every week, so make sure you check again soon.

A Helping Hand

We’re here for you. On this page you will find some links to organisations you can trust, who offer information and support to children and young people who may need help.

Your Photos

Are you featured on our website? Take a look and find out! You can ask an adult to send in your photos of what you’ve been up to to

We are really excited that you’re able to be with us here in The Hive – but it’s also REALLY important to us that you stay safe while you’re using the internet.  Have a look at the poster below for some top tips on staying safe – everything it says is important and we want you to read it carefully please.  Most of all, please remember these two golden rules:

  1. NEVER (NEVER!) share personal information like your last name or your address online, and
  2. ALWAYS (ALWAYS!) talk to your parent, carer or another adult you trust if you feel even a little bit worried, unhappy or confused about something online.




Now we’ve got that important stuff out the way, dive into The Hive and have fun – we can’t wait to see what you get up to!

Pssst! Parents and carers! If you feel you need some help understanding how to keep your child safe online, click here.  It’s always good to talk to children about internet safety, and one of the most effective ways of keeping them safe is simply to take a keen interest in what they’re up to. Online time should still be time together, and we think you’ll find stuff in The Hive that’s fun for you too!

Our very best wishes to all Honeypot children and their families!