Things to Do

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Here are all our favourite fun activities you can join in with! You can click the buttons below to skip to those bits if you like.



Honeypot’s mascot Bumble is stuck at home too, but he’s got plenty of ideas to have fun anyway! Here are his 50 favourite Honeypot activities that you can try at home too.


We think this one is REALLY tricky!

Click on the square tiles to move them around so that you make a picture of the Honeypot Minibus. The tiles are numbered to help… but it’s still pretty hard! Good luck!!


Think you can’t get an elephant out of a milk carton?

Think again! Make awesome colourful elephants with this video and your imagination – decorate them with tissue paper, stickers or paint – just don’t start until the milk’s all gone!


Here’s a challenge – can you make 10 fantastic creatures with just some paper, scissors, pens, a ruler and some glue or tape?! Let us know how you get on!

Keep your finger on your pause button – this one’s speedy!


We’ve hidden some of Bumble’s favourite WOODLAND words in this wordsearch! You could find all these things in the Honeypot woodland – but how quickly can you find them here?!

Words can be in any direction – backwards or forwards, up, down, across or diagonally. When you find a word, click and hold on the first letter, then drag the cursor to highlight the whole word to cross it off the list. You can play as many times as you like – the words will always be in a different place in a new game. Good luck!


Ready for some crazy science? This website has weekly Curiosity Challenges, DIY science videos, spectacular science demonstrations and fun and fascinating facts!

Also check out these videos from the Glasgow Science Centre – make a straw oboe, explore the solar system, and see how eggstraordinarily strong eggs really are… but maybe don’t try that one at home!


Can you put this jigsaw back together to make a picture of three beautiful tulips in the Honeypot House kitchen garden? We will post a new puzzle every few days – some will be quite easy, some will be HARD!

Drag the pieces to put the jigsaw together. Explore the buttons at the bottom of the jigsaw – they are helpful! You can use them to see the finished picture, to restart the puzzle, to make it fill your whole screen (press ‘Esc’ to get back) and other things.

Start by finding all the edges and corners – have fun!


Have you tried the games at BBC Bitesize? You can go on a space adventure, become a superhero or save the world. They’re so much fun, you won’t notice you’re learning things too!


Bee smart online – find out how to stay safe on the internet!