Things to Watch + Listen To


Here are some of our favourite videos and audio books, full of adventure and laughs! We’re going to post lots of new things every week, so make sure you check again soon.


We loved visiting Chester Zoo last year. Now you can join in too with a virtual day at the zoo – there’s a new tour every week!

Today we have breakfast with red river hogs, then we’re off to meet some cheeky chimps! After that we join the painted dogs for lunch, learn about a crazy cassowary and finish the day with a ssssnake! Enjoy today’s trip to the zoo!


Keep an eye on hundreds of supercute and friendly donkeys who live at the Donkey Sanctuary in Devon.

Click the button and you’ll find lots of live donkeycams showing you exactly what they’re up to right now, day or night! You may need to check a few cameras before you spot some donkeys but they’re there, we promise!


The Homeschool History podcast from the makers of Horrible Histories is all about the funniest, craziest bits of history. There’s a new podcast every week so check back soon!


Konnie Huq from Blue Peter is making fun videos with a new theme each day. Every video has something new to learn, a story to listen to and some amazing crafts you can do with things you might have at home. Find out how to draw a comic strip, make a toy rabbit, do a magic trick, make a Frankenstein mask, meditate and more!


Whether it’s spotting ponies, cuddling guinea pigs or being followed around by guineafowl, animals are always a big part of any visit to Honeypot! This audio story, donated by supporter Fiona Lunn, is all about a red squirrel and his adventures in the pine forest.


Find out what’s going on in the world with Newsround, the news show for children & teenagers. There’s a new show on three times a day so there’s always something interesting to find out! Plus don’t miss the hundreds of other interesting videos on their page telling the story of other people’s lives.


Everyone’s favourite wildlife presenter David Attenborough tells us all about the story of life on earth – right from the start!


Take a trip to the circus with the Cirque du Soleil!


From Dribbling Drew – a boy whose drool gets him into terrible trouble – to Sofia Sofa, a TV super-fan so stuck to the sofa that she’s turning into one! – all the characters in these audio stories by David Walliams are horrible and hilarious. Look out for a new story every day!


Have you ever been on a safari? Well now you can – here is a virtual safari through Longleat Park. What animals can you spot? Which ones are your favourite?


Bee smart online – find out how to stay safe on the internet!