Let’s Buy a Minibus for Young Carers

Honeypot outreach session

Donate today to help Honeypot provide 1,000 young carers, in London, with outreach sessions.

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We’re planning to purchase a brand-new minibus, able to seat over 12 young carers and up to 4 staff, with which we’ll use to transport young carers to local sports or youth centres or school halls, where Honeypot staff can put on fun activities, team games, drama & music workshops, arts & crafts, sports tasters and skills-building outreach sessions.

By driving the children ourselves, we can put as little as pressure on parents. From parent feedback, when many of whom are disabled or suffer from chronic or mental illness, it’s hard for them to drop children off. Funding a minibus will allow us to pick up the children and take them to outreach ourselves.

Why we need a minibus:

Our service has become increasingly vital to isolated and vulnerable children in London, for whom support services are currently at the lowest level. Eight of the top 10 councils with the biggest funding cuts to children’s services are in London, with Westminster’s slashing of funding per child the worst in the country – 52% since 2010. As a result, Honeypot’s services, which receive no Government funding, have never been in greater demand from thousands of children.

There’s no doubt young carers in London need support. With your help, we can provide 1,000 young carers in London with on-going outreach in their local communities.

Where your donation will go:

Your donation will enable Honeypot to support 1,000 young carers with ongoing outreach services in their local communities.

Together, we need to raise £45,000 to purchase a brand-new minibus, which includes the costs of having the minibus kitted and equipped for the children.

Any funds raised over the required amount for the minibus will be used as a contribution towards funding our essential core services for young carers, namely respite breaks and outreach support.

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Start a buzz about the minibus – share our GoFundMe using the hashtag #HoneypotMinibus to help reach the fundraising target!

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