Mental Health Awareness Week

There are many ways we can show kindness during this lockdown. You could ask to help out at home, find a creative way to thank key workers, or message a friend who may be lonely. It doesn’t always have to be a huge gesture – just letting someone know you’re there for them can make a difference!

The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week is kindness. Kindness is something we have been hearing a great deal about lately – from our emergency services, to our key workers – thousands of inspirational stories are being shared. This week, we think it is very important to shine a light on young carers and their everyday acts of kindness.

Young carers are always looking out for someone else. This means they might check on a parent throughout the night, or get up early to give them the medicine they need. We know that some children cook for their siblings because they are the only family member who can. Whatever their acts of kindness may be, young carers help a lot of people get through the day.

With everyone talking about mental health, we need to make sure young carers are included in the conversation. The pressure of looking after a vulnerable person can take a toll on a young carer’s wellbeing, especially during this health crisis – a time many are experiencing heightened anxiety and stress. Through Honeypot’s Emergency Action Plan, we are finding ways to support young carers at a time their worries feel much bigger than usual.

Showing kindness to ourselves and those around us is especially important right now; we know that we can cope with the difficulties of life under lockdown more easily if we look out for each other. If you’d like to know how your kindness could help Honeypot children, please get in contact at – we’d love to talk!