What’s New at Honeypot’s Houses

Despite the extremely soggy weather this month, our staff have put on their wellies and been out and about transforming our houses and keeping them ship-shape. Here are a few of the latest additions to our houses to make our respite breaks even more fun!



At Pen Y Bryn, our fire pit has had a makeover, with the help of local farmer Brian Morgan who provided us with these lovely new tree stump seats. We can’t wait for the weather to warm up so we can get back to making campfire bread and singing around the fire.



In the meantime, we decided to bring the great outdoors indoors. The playroom has been updated with this stunning ‘memory tree’, where our visitors will be able to write down their favourite Honeypot stories on a leaf and add it to the tree to slowly grow a jungle of happy memories. We’ve also updated our cosy book corner – perfect for settling down by the window with a book on a rainy day.



At Honeypot House in Hampshire, we’ve also been planting some unusual trees. This ‘complimentree’ will be a feature of our SEAL programmes – the idea is to say something positive about another member of the group and add your compliment to the tree. It’s a lovely way to boost self esteem, social and emotional skills, which is what our SEAL breaks are all about. One of our new volunteers kindly put together this lovely new welly stand and donated the wellies, and we’ve already made good use of them!

We’ve also just had an exciting delivery to Honeypot House. It doesn’t look like much at the moment…



…but once it’s put together this will be a new wooden gazebo for the picnic area! This will mean we can spend more time in the great outdoors and have picnics even when the weather is a bit ‘British’. In summer it will transform into an outdoor cinema, complete with hot chocolate and blankets, so our Honeypot movie nights can make the most of the summer weather.

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