Introducing our new learning breaks

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Traditionally, Honeypot House has always sat empty during weekdays. After all, as much as children love a chance to visit and play among our amazing facilities set across seven acres of beautiful countryside, we can’t take them out of school. Respite breaks have only taken place during weekends and holidays.


However, this month, Honeypot is launching exciting new breaks that will take place during weekdays, allowing us to support almost 200 more children over the next five months.

Our new breaks are designed to support young carers and vulnerable children with social and emotional active learning (SEAL) and provide an accredited programme of fun team-building and problem-solving skills that allow children to still earn learning credits out of school. They’ll provide the perfect balance between fun activities and learning opportunities for young carers and vulnerable children, many of whom may struggle in school and benefit from having more personalised time in a smaller group.

We trialled our new SEAL breaks earlier in the year and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Among children, 77% reported an increase in their ability to set goals and plan to meet them, 80% reported that they felt they could value and support others more, and 66% felt an increase in their ability to persist and therefore their resilience.

Feedback from children highlighted what they felt they had learned and what they were proud of doing:


100% of parents felt the SEAL break was highly positive and worthwhile, and 60% felt their children had grown in confidence as a result.

Honeypot is very excited to launch our new SEAL breaks, which will see 13 breaks take place on Mondays to Thursdays from October to the end of March. We hope in the year to come we will be able to carry on increasing capacity until Honeypot House is able to run at full capacity during both term-time and holidays.

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Honeypot is the national charity for young carers aged five to twelve. We do not receive government funding and rely on your donations to keep running respite breaks and outreach. Click here to find out how to donate and help us reach more young carers with our SEAL breaks.