The Secret Garden comes to Honeypot

Honeypot House’s playroom has had a stunning floral makeover thanks to jeweller Tessa Packard and gallerist Lyndsey Ingram.

As the excitement of the Chelsea Flower Show took over London in May, Tessa and Lyndsey decided to celebrate gardening with a legacy that would last.

Lyndsey and Tessa came up with an interactive art piece where guests created a beautiful Victorian-inspired garden by placing silk flowers and animal cut-outs onto a black and white mural. After the event, they wanted their mural to find a permanent home in a space that could truly benefit from a ‘garden’, but also from the experience of putting in together it in the first place – so they got in touch with Honeypot.

After the show, they headed down to Honeypot House along with artist Sarah Macdonald to donate the artwork to Honeypot House, where it’s bringing new life to the play room.

A striking black and white mural was painted onto the walls to provide a backdrop for the garden scene. As in the original installation, the kids took part in putting together the garden, placing the silk plants around the room to create a little oasis where no matter what the weather, children can play games or watch TV surrounded by greenery and wildlife.

Honeypot House Team Leader Jenny Grace said:

“The children love the new secret garden. They are always saying ‘wow – it looks amazing’, ‘it looks magical’. I think it looks fantastic and I love the fact that both children and adults have helped to make it look so wonderful. Children don’t often get the opportunity to help decorate actual rooms and they thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.”

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