How our supporters are helping young carers through the crisis

With thousands of young carers made even more vulnerable by the Covid-19 crisis, Honeypot children are facing greater challenges than ever before. Whether you saved a seat for a Honeypot child, contributed to the Big Give, or donated to our Emergency Action and Recovery Plan, thank you for helping us to be there for young carers when they need it most.

We couldn’t be more grateful for each and every one of our Honeypot supporters. This week we’re shining a light on a handful of these volunteers and fundraisers, and each of the ways they’re helping us to be there for young carers.

  • The individual donors who responded to Honeypot’s Emergency Action & Recovery Plan have raised an incredible £51,000. Thank you – your kindness has supported young carers through the most difficult times of the Covid-19 lockdown.
  • Christian Neske from the Bank of America took on a remarkable journey for Honeypot children. Christian cycled five-hundred miles from London to Germany and raised an incredible £7,807.
  • Cocorose London is donating the profits from their face masks and Rainbow Trainers to support the mental health of young carers. They’ve raised £2,648 and counting!
  • We love seeing our friends finding innovative ways to raise money – John Guthrie donated £170 Honeypot by painting furniture at Brompton Court for all his neighbours.
  • Thank you to the team at Coupland Cardiff Asset Management for donating £2,000 to Honeypot as their charity of the month.
  • The GS1 team has been busy fundraising for Honeypot. Thank you to all the employees for showing real commitment to support young carers through our Emergency Action & Recovery Plan.
  • Every mile travelled by Running Woman participants over the past couple of months will go a long way to support Honeypot children. Thank you to each of these determined competitors for raising a wonderful £1,500.
  • A huge well done to Carly Tresadern for taking Honeypot to new heights! Carly completed her Mount Snowdon climb in just over 5 hours and raised a brilliant £962.50 to support young carers.
  • We’re delighted to announce that Bangor University RAG elected us as one of their chosen charities for the upcoming academic year – we can’t wait to get students involved in fundraising initiatives!
  • A big Honeypot thank you to The Hodge Foundation for their £10,000 grant towards Thrive sessions in Wales.
  • 78 quizzes later, our brilliant ambassador John Lay-Flurrie has completed his lockdown series and raised £420 for young carers. It was wonderful to see him connecting people from all over the world to spread the word for Honeypot.
  • We are very grateful to The Marjory Boddy Charitable Trust for donating a generous £4,000 towards our respite programme.
  • A special thank you to Wilfred for caring about the children we help. At just 3 years old, Wilfred took on a 5K walking challenge to remind young carers that their Honeypot friends are always supporting them. He raised over £2,700!

Young carers are looking after family members under the most challenging circumstances they have faced in their lives. As life appears to be returning to normal, for Honeypot and many of our young carers, there is no return to normal. We still need your support – find out how you can get involved below!

How you can help

  • Let a young carer know there is a respite break waiting for them and donate to our Emergency Action and Recovery Plan
  • Find out how you make a difference by becoming a Virtual Fundraiser
  • Help us to raise awareness about Honeypot by sharing our social media pages