Join the 2.6 Challenge for Honeypot!

We’re looking for Honeypot Heroes to take on the 2.6 Challenge!

For Honeypot and many other charities, the London Marathon is a big fundraising event. It should have taken place this Sunday 26 April, but sadly that’s not possible now.

BUT there’s good news! This Sunday, people around the country will be raising money for their chosen charities through the 2.6 Challenge. Running a marathon isn’t for everyone, but the 2.6 Challenge is about choosing your own idea using the number 26 or 2.6 and having fun! Whether it’s creative, sporty or just plain silly, everyone’s ideas are welcome.

Here are some of our favourite suggestions for challenges – don’t forget to share yours!

  • Build a spaghetti and marshmallow tower 2.6m high: Did you know you can make a tower using dry spaghetti joined by marshmallows? It would be a real challenge to make it 2.6m high – could you manage it?
  • Hold a 26 themed pub quiz: Grab your 26 favourite people and challenge them to answer 26 questions in return for a donation.
  • Hold a dance-off: Can you dance for 26 minutes straight? What about memorising a dance that has 26 different moves?
  • Knit or crochet 26 bees: Are you a speedy knitter or crochet enthusiast? Could you make 26 of these adorable bees?
  • Bake 26 cupcakes: We love baking at Honeypot. Why not try making honeybee-themed cupcakes?
  • Send 26 cards: We’ve been sending out postcards to all our young carers and have had some lovely messages back. Getting a card can really brighten your day, so why not send out 26 cards to people who might like to hear from you – even if they’re just the people on your street?
  • Make a pizza with 26 toppings: Making our own pizza toppings is one of our favourite Honeypot dinners. Can you think of 26 things to put on a pizza? (They have to be edible!)
  • Tell a story in 26 images: can you make a comic in 26 pictures?
  • For more inspiration take a look at Bumble’s 50 favourite activities!

How do I take part?

Anyone can join the 2.6 Challenge, and you can choose to either fundraise or just make a donation. All you need to do is:
  • Create a 2.6 Challenge fundraising page
  • OR donate via the Honeypot website
  • AND share your plans and photos with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin with the hashtags #HoneypotHeroes and #TwoPointSixChallenge!