Volunteers Week 2020: Thank you!

Volunteers’ Week is a chance for Honeypot to thank the people who generously give up their time to make a difference in young carers’ lives. This week, we’ve been spotlighting some of our volunteers and telling you about the wonderful things they make happen for Honeypot.

We’re so grateful to have John on the team! He always steps up whenever we ask him to drive our minibus, even if we ask late at night. John told us: “It’s great to see the children’s faces light up and to hear the bus erupt into shouts of joy as we enter the New Forest. What better reason do you need to feel good?”


Our dedicated group of volunteers at Bank of America’s office in Chester planted nearly 400 trees at Pen Y Bryn in a single day! These volunteers work hard to help Honeypot make special childhood memories. They told us: “The site itself was beautiful, and the house was so cosy. We can see how the kids would have such a lovely time there, especially in the summer.”


“John was so kind and warm towards us – my daughter even asked if she could put her money in his collection bucket.” As well as being a brilliant ambassador for Honeypot, John Mordant is climbing the height of Mount Everest in his home (51,000 trips up his staircase) to raise money for young carers. We’re all behind John as he takes on his ascent for Honeypot!


“The fact that Honeypot provides a safe and caring environment for children is what makes it such a brilliant cause and place to work.” Kul always brings laughter to our Hampshire office, where she helps with the paperwork. When she gives us her time, she helps us keep in touch with young carers. Thank you, Kul!


John Lay-Flurrie has worked exceptionally hard to raise awareness about Honeypot’s work in his community – it’s really no surprise that he won the Local Hero Award we nominated him for! This wonderful volunteer is very committed to Honeypot’s cause – he’s even written a story about young carers!


Chrissie puts the fun in fundraising for Honeypot! Whether it’s giving up her time for bucket collections or standing in the rain to help out at the Solent Half Marathon, Chrissie King is always ready and willing to support Honeypot events. She also helps the team in Hampshire run respite breaks, where her talents as an artist encourage many young carers to express their creativity.


New volunteers Pat and Chris Waterman are already making a very real difference to the lives of young carers. They have inspired many of their friends to volunteer for us – Pat’s choir Jingle Ladies even chose Honeypot as their Charity of the Year. Pat and Chris told us they’re looking forward to fundraising again. They’re not the only ones – Bumble is raring to go!


“I’m missing the camaraderie of the ambassadors’ meetings and of course the fundraising events themselves. I am looking forward to when things get back to normal for everybody!” Sue Croutear is a volunteer who understands that every penny makes a difference. Over the course of several years, she’s become one of our best fundraising volunteers – she has even dressed up as Bumble!


John and Tricia Pockett have been helping Honeypot make special childhood memories for 14 years. Tricia volunteered on our Playbus and provides a lot of help us at fundraising events. John is known as ‘Mr Honeypot’ in his village because he’s always talking about us. He also helps us to arrange fun days out for Honeypot children at Beaulieu River.


Derrick Young is a real Honeypot Hero. Last year, he decided to give his time and expertise as a retired builder to make some changes around our Hampshire site. In lockdown, Derrick has not paused at all. He’s built a new fundraising stall and is drawing up plans for a beautiful oak gazebo at Honeypot House!


To every single Honeypot volunteer: Thank you! We may not have been able to talk about everyone, but each of your contributions mean just as much to the Honeypot team and the young carers you help.



We loved catching up with our Honeypot volunteers this Volunteers Week. Take a look at some of the great photos you sent in (and some more from our volunteering archives!)