Young carers tell us what they love most about virtual workshops

Our virtual workshops are empowering young carers to discover and develop their creative talents in photography, art, music and drama. They’re also giving them an important space to have fun and to connect with each other.

Photo from our latest ‘scary’ musical workshop.          

We’ve been hearing from young carers about our virtual workshops and how they’re encouraging them to “be confident; let go, and be expressive.” We loved receiving comments just like this one – keep reading for more of their feedback!

How did participating in the workshop make you feel?

It was awesome, I have smiled more and laughed more!

I am happier in myself.

It cheers me up a lot when I get to communicate with others.

Using my imagination has helped my well-being.

I am more calm and comfortable talking to people about my opinions.


Did you enjoy working with other young carers, and why?

I don’t feel alone.

We get to ask each other for help.

It was fun because I haven’t seen any friends in lockdown!

Making new friends that I wouldn’t have met if I didn’t join the call.

Seeing my roommate from Honeypot!


Did you feel creative?

Yes, I discovered new ways to take photos!

I am better at storytelling now.

Yes, we all wrote individual stories and mashed them up to perform one story!

I used my imagination when we made music together.

I don’t think I have had a more creative moment!


Did the workshop help your confidence?

I feel more confident because everyone is being supportive.

Yes, because I interacted with new people!

In the first couple of days I was shy, and now I’m confident.

Yes, because we came out of our comfort zone.

I feel more confident. It helped me out of shyness.


Did you have a favourite moment?

Taking photos of normal objects and looking at it from a totally different perspective.

My favourite moment was seeing all of you guys.

Yes, writing a song!

Meeting new people and playing games.

My favourite moment was ALL of it. It was awesome!


It’s especially important for young carers to feel connected during this time. Our virtual workshops are giving them opportunity to keep in touch with Honeypot staff, catch up with those they’ve met on previous respite breaks, and make new friends from across the country.

We’re so grateful for all the donors and supporters who are helping us to bring young carers together. If you’d like to make a contribution to support us, please click here.