Young Carers Awareness Day 2020

“Sometimes going to Honeypot I felt bad because I was leaving my mum, but I realised everyone else gets to experience what I experienced at Honeypot.” 

Thursday 30th January marks Young Carers Awareness Day 2020, the annual day of recognising the impact young carers make to their families and communities, and raising awareness of the support they may need.

We’ve produced a short film for Young Carers Awareness Day featuring Bethannie, who you might remember from our BBC Radio 4 Charity Appeal!

Bethannie is now 21 and has started university. Honeypot’s support with respite breaks and outreach support was a big help to her when she was younger, caring for her little sister and her mother, and gave her the confidence she needed. Ten years on, the film follows her as she studies at university, looking back on her childhood memories of caring, and of Honeypot!

Honeypot is the national charity for young carers aged five to twelve. We do not receive government funding and rely on your donations to keep running respite breaks. Please consider supporting us by making a donation, attending an event, or making us your organisation’s charity partner.