Young carers take part in an Ambassador Day workshop at 10 Downing Street

Last week we took 16 young carers from Honeypot Children’s Charity to 10 Downing Street for an Ambassador Day workshop. The day marked the beginning of Honeypot’s Story Collection – an exciting new project that aims to share their unique perspectives.

We picked up the children and saw some landmarks on the way there – like driving past the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey!

I want to be Chancellor 

so I can say 

Ka-Ching Ka-Ching all day.

The Ambassador Day workshop was held in the garden by 10 Downing Street Staff. After some cartwheels and exploring the grounds, we came together to create artwork that empowered the children to talk about their experiences.

The Honeypot Story Collection aims to give young carers a voice.

 Many of the children knew each other from friendships they’ve made on respite breaks. Being a young carer can be isolating, when asked, they often say making friends is at the top of their list.

The Honeypots!

What makes a great ambassador? It’s simple…

We asked them: What is your happiest memory of Honeypot? Being a great ambassador simply means using your voice. Sharing their stories helps us to recognise young carers, and spread awareness to make it easier for other them and their families to step forward and receive support.

There’s rarely just one thing they love about respite breaks. Each experience lets them try so many new things.  “I love Honeypot because it is really fun! We went there in summertime, so we had a BBQ and we went swimming and we made cake!”

At the end of the session the children’s confidence had soared, everyone was excitedly chatting and playing together.

Leaders of the future!

 If I was Prime Minister

I would have a Head of Slime

& write all my speeches in glitter.


Soon after we became distracted by Larry the Cat of No.10, who received lots of attention! Then we headed home, full of stories to share.

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This project is part of an ongoing partnership with Number 10 Downing Street staff who named us as Charity of the Year for 2018