What Young Carers Wish You Knew

This Young Carer’s Awareness Day, we’ve been asking former young carers and their families what they wish people know about being a young carer. Here’s what they said…



“When we go about our lives, it’s often not obvious who might be a young carer. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.” – Jen, Honeypot mum

“We’re human and we have feelings, but we want to do everything and anything like anyone else. We want to achieve our dreams and we have ambitions. Our home life does not necessarily hold us back.” – Billie, former young carer and Honeypot child



“Young carers are children who have the responsibility of an adult. Some young carers have swapped roles with their loved ones, who are dependent on them. Some young carers will not be able to experience the childhood of their peers, such as going to the cinema or friends’ birthday parties, as they have a dependent waiting for them at home. Young carers have significant pressures to manage their loved ones and as they become older, life pressures such as education and work will be added. It’s important for society to make these conversations normal practice and to be understanding of everyone’s personal situation. My message to young carers would be to dream big and push yourself to reach your goals – because it’s only you who can make those dreams possible. Never let the environment you are in stop you from achieving and use your struggles to fuel you.” – Thupayal, Honeypot ambassador and former young carer



“There’s a lot of support out there for young carers, if only people were more aware of it. Georgie meets other kids who are also young carers but don’t realise it’s anything out of the ordinary – they’re just doing what’s expected. We need to do more to help them identify themselves as young carers and let them know that support is available.” – Steph, Honeypot mum

“I wish people knew that being a young carer isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Many people look at our experiences and say that we should be taken into care, or our parents shouldn’t have had us if they weren’t able to look after us, but that’s not fair. Although it can be a burden at times, many of us wouldn’t change the bond we have with the people we care for at all, and that is all down to us caring.” – Bethannie, 21, former young carer and Honeypot child

Thank you to everyone who’s shown their support for young carers this Young Carers Awareness Day, whether by holding a Come Dine With Honeypot party, sharing our posts on social media, donating, or starting a conversation about young carers. Together we can make a difference!

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