A Helping Hand

At Honeypot we’re all about fun stuff, friends and happy things!  But we understand that for all of us life is a journey, along a road which sometimes feels like it’s full of lumps and bumps.

When you’re feeling upset, confused or worried, a really great thing to do is to talk to your parent, carer or another adult who you know well and you trust.  Every problem is better when you share it!  You should never feel like you are on your own – any time you have something tricky on your mind we really encourage you to talk to someone you trust.

We want you to know that we are here for you too and on this page you will find some links to organisations you can trust, who offer information and support to children and young people who may need help.

Remember, you are never really on your own – there are always people who care about you and organisations who can help.  We all need a helping hand sometimes – just reach out!


Tracy and Clara have put this video together to help you create happy thoughts.


A little book for tricky times

These are strange times for all of us – children and grown ups – and it’s important to remember that if you feel a bit worried about things that’s okay. That’s normal. And you’re not alone.

This fun little book helps to remind us of these things, and encourages us to talk to each other when we have things on our mind. Take a look!


Carers Trust

Today, hundreds of thousands of special children just like you are helping to look after a member of their family, supporting them in all sorts of important and brilliant ways. Those children face all sorts of challenges that can make their day to day life a bit harder. Carers Trust supports young carers just like you. Click the button below to see what they do and how they can help.


It’s REALLY important to us that you stay safe while you’re using the internet.  Have a look at the poster below for some top tips on staying safe – everything it says is important and we want you to read it carefully please.  Most of all, please remember these two golden rules:

  1. NEVER (NEVER!) share personal information like your last name or your address online, and
  2. ALWAYS (ALWAYS!) talk to your parent, carer or another adult you trust if you feel even a little bit worried, unhappy or confused about something online.



You can also find out more about how to stay safe online on the Think You Know website.


Normally if something is worrying you or you’re not sure what to do, the best thing to do is talk to an adult you know and trust. But some children find there can be times when they don’t know who to talk to, or they feel they need to speak to someone outside their day to day life.

If you ever find yourself feeling this way, Childline can help.  You can phone them (for free) on 0800 11 11, or get help on their website by clicking the button below.