For Parents

Dear Honeypot Parent or Carer,

The internet can be a brilliant tool for our children – a limitless source of knowledge and fun. We can explore and engage with the world from our homes in ways that were unimaginable when we ourselves (well, most of us!) were children – the difference between a spiny lobster and a common lobster is just a quick Google away! Now you’re intrigued, we know..!

But for our children the internet is also a place of real danger – danger which they themselves are often not well equipped to recognise. It’s very important that as responsible adults in their lives, we talk to them openly and often about the risks they may encounter online, that we encourage them to talk to us if they have any doubts or worries about something, and that we take an active interest in what they’re doing online at all times.

It can be daunting to know where to start and you may worry that you’re not sure how to approach this topic, or what specifically you should be talking to your child about. So we’d like to share with you the resources below which we hope will be helpful for you in keeping your child safe online.